Fall 2009 Fashion Week Street Faves - The Sartorialist

galsses, dark blue checkered scarf, dark blue suits.

grey double-breasted cardigan, brown leather jacekt, dark green scarf, dark green checkered shirt.

narrow black striped, dark blue coat, white skirt with accordion pleats.

beige woven coat, many colors on the sweater.
beige cloth coat, mix & match, black harem pants, soft colors.

grey petal coat (dress), black scarf.

vintage style, fur collar, black hat, a little red.

dark blue double-breasted caot, light blue blouse, black bow tie.

beige double-breasted coat, grey scarf.

suits, scarf.

Julia Freaks, splendid pattern, straw hat.

Jen Brill, large black large cape, lack scarf, checkered blouse, grey bag, grey skinny jeans.

black suit jacket, balck bag.

slim boy, suits, grey converse all star.

beige circle shape scarf, black leather jacket, dark blue harem pants, red checkered blouse.

floral dress, splendid pattern, beige double-breasted coat, white tights, vintage shoes.

black fringe scarf, all black outfit.

black double-breasted coat, grey large collar blouse, grey tights.

fur vest, pattern skirt.

special head accessory.

dark blue double-breasted coat, grey basic tee, beige straight pants, grey socks, dark blue heels, purple, kerchief.

classic style icon, match scarf & bag (from GUCCI?).

black suit, white basic tee, grey scarf.

denim outfit, black hat, turn-up fold jeans.

vintage style, British style, almost brown.

vintage sytle, red & beige, special hat.

all dark blue.

dark blue striped dress.

beige coat, white basic tee, purple kerchief.

beige & black.

yellow & black.

black suit jacket, black scarf, worn-out and turn-up fold jeans, black heels.

fur vest, vintage style dress.

dark blue suit jacket, beige empire waist pants.

grey suit jacket, grey & white striped tee.

fur scarf.

beige coat, grey skinny jeans, purple Converse all star.

Asian people, all black.

grey & purple.

black motorcycle jacket, floral blouse.

special coat, purple tights.

all black outfit, black loosen sweater.

red checkered coat.

beige double-breasted coat, red & white striped skirt.

blue denim jacket, dark blue skirt, black lace tights.

twins, black lace dress, dark red fur vest, white Chanel 2.55 bag.

fur coat, black, empire waist.

fur collar, dark blue skirt.

striped tee, black riding boots.

strong shoulders, Balmain jacket, black leather skinny pants.

black long coat, beige straight pants, black & beige.

60s style, kercheif, beige fur coat, black handbag.

almost black.

black jacket, grey skinny jeans, black heels.

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